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NAME: Takhys the Buttwizard!!!
AGE: Old as balls.
CONTACT: Plurk @ bootknife
COLLABORATION CHECK: Yes, yes, let's do all the things.


NAME: Arcas Agetor
AGE: 28
OCCUPATION: Ostensibly, a merchant with a bit of an interest in banking; in actual fact, a representative of the Iron Bank.

- law, contract negotiation, mercantile details (who's got what, where, and how), banking information (who owes what, where, and how)
- the gift of gab: fluent in the language of Westeros, a few from Essos, and a handful of trader's cants and pidgins

HISTORY: Born and raised in Braavos, Arcas comes from a family that has long worked for the Iron Bank. He has a collection of siblings and they're a loud, generally pleasant, harmless sort of squabbling bunch that can be overwhelming at the best of times. Quick and clever, he could've stayed in Braavos, but he loves to travel and see as much of the world as he can and do so in a way that helps his beloved home city. If asked about why he left Braavos, Arcas tends to brush it off or tell others some ridiculous story about how he was chased out for talking too much or making eyes at his cousin's wife, etc. etc.

Arcas is in King's Landing at the behest of the Iron Bank to keep an eye on their investments. If it looks like anyone is planning on defaulting, he'll arrange to stop it ( whatever means necessary) and he also looks out for promising investment opportunities. Surely, a little bit of financial speculation never harmed anyone.

He is unmarried and not particularly bothered by this fact. Some of his work is unpleasant if not outright dangerous, and he wouldn't feel comfortable bringing a wife and children along.

He's an irritating shit, but not an irredeemable one. Arcas talks too much, too often, and it gets him in trouble. He speaks when he should shut up, and most of it is utter nonsense. That said, when he really does need to keep a secret, he'll never spill it and usually cover up that there ever was anything to hide by blathering on until he's ignored again. He's well aware that he cultivates a public persona as a light-hearted, not too clever fellow and most people buy into that. Being seen as shallow allows him to flit about, pick up information, and generally be seen as utterly harmless - right up until he isn't.

Arcas is clever and adores wordplay. He has a deep and passionate love for contracts and adores getting the better of anyone he's decided is too pompous. Often, but not always, this works out well and he's able to redirect any blame to some other party.

Goals: First and foremost, he cares about his family, then the Iron Bank as an institution, and then come his more petty interests. (...often other men's wives feature prominently on that list.)

Morals: Arcas has a fairly strong sense of morality. He's a big believer in being kind when feasible and reasonable, and not doing any harm unless it's necessary.

That said, he holds grudges and not just on his own behalf. Wanton or petty cruelty isn't something he'll go out of his way to avenge to ameliorate, but if he learns of someone acting nastily and has the opportunity to make them suffer, he'll gladly take it. Unpleasantness for the sake of business is perfectly fine, so long as it's 'within reason' - admittedly, what constitutes 'reason' is a semi-arbitrary measurement and might get adjusted depending on what's convenient.

Arcas is patriot. He is staunchly dedicated to Braavos and the Iron Bank. He works to protect their investments, to ensure repayment, and to make sure that they remain a secure and sovereign nation. He might occasionally joke that in Westeros he's far from a truly civilized way of life, but as with most of his humour, it's not entirely a joke.

- Top-Level
- You pigeon egg!
- Faolan