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It is necessary to be a fox to discover the snares

and a lion to terrify the wolves.

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(parenthetical asides), 1950's musicals, a good smiting, a.s. byatt, acting pretentiously faux-british, after-rain smell, almond-flavoured irony, american gods, ancient greece, ancient rome, antiquarian books, anywhere-but-here, art deco, autumn afternoons, bad horror movies, bad teen movies, big cities, black and white photography, blank notebooks, boys in eyeliner, british slang, cambrian explosion, canadian tv, changing my interests, chicken bones, china miéville, classic rock, classical philology, coffee, coincidences, cryptozoology, cuff the duke, david bowie, dead bees, dead languages, department of redundancy department, divination, downtown at night, driftwood, duty/honour/all that rot, elliott gould, etymology, feral children, fight club, fountain pens, fuzzy sweaters, giant sloths, gilbert and sullivan, girls in drag, good omens, grammar, guerrila art, h. p. lovecraft, hair dye, heavy comforters, hiking, i capture the castle, inappropriate latin-esque plural forms, latin, laughing/snickering at weird/inappropriate times, linguistics/etymology, literary/mythological/historical in-jokes, long swishy badass coats, modern myths, neuromancer, nick hornby, nifty fatted!lamb-fu, non-fiction, obscure references, outlaws, overusing-hyphens-to-the-point-of-extremity, palaeontology, pointless lj interests, portmanteau words, power, punctuated equilibrium, quantum mechanics, recursion, revenge for wanda, ridiculously elaborate evil schemes, see-your-breath-cold, subtext, subtlety, swash swash buckle buckle, theory vs. practice, thunderstorms, unified field, yarn,
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